I’ll Save The Villainess

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Lee Ju-hwan, my brother and company president, asked me for an update on the progress.

“But do you have to kill the character like that? I heard your team members are against it.”

“Saila. She’s the most elegant and charming when she dies. I’ve heard too much about it. My ears are going to bleed.”

I tried to kill Saila somehow. I believed it was the right thing to do as a developer and character designer, and the results were actually very good.

At the same time as the launch of “That summer, there were they” which we developed, made a worldwide sensation.

Saila DeVernon, who I designed with all my heart and soul, was selected as Gomonji’s most fascinating villain by Time Magazine in the game world.

“You were right. Saila won the popularity contest by a landslide, and I’m already getting requests for Saila’s merchandise.”

Experts announced Saila as the biggest box office factor in “The Girl.” However, it was not yet satisfactory. Because I think “The Girl” is still incomplete.

‘There was still a single route for Saila to survive.’

I had to get rid of it. It felt like my final task. Then one day, I heard a voice on my cell phone.

“I don’t want to die.”

When I looked around in a horrified manner, Saila was staring at me from the screen.

“You go through with it, save me.”

I had possessed Saila DeVernon’s body, the most fascinating villain in the world whom I tried so hard to kill.